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2020 Diary Dates

For Norfolk's premiere enduro & offroad practice track







Further Dates to come later…

Hit the Dirt Enduro & Offroad practice track is ONLY open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Private Opening Days can be arranged with the Hit The Dirt Organisers. The track is only open other days by prior appointment with Dave Barkshire Motorcycles.

Feel free to ring our office on: 01603 722800 or E-mail us at:

Hi guys, just to say this years track opening hours are:

Between 29th March and 25th October

(British Summer Time)

Track opening times are: 10am - 4pm (10.00-16.00) BST

Between 26th October and 28th March

(During Winter)

The track opening times are: 10am - 3pm (10.00-15.00)

The Track will be closed at all other times, unless specifically arranged in advance. It is always advisable to ring Dave Barkshire Motorcycle's on 01603 722800.

For up to date Track Conditions, check out our facebook page at:

Hit The Dirt facebook

Track Information

Beginner and main tracks to suit all riders. Contact the track organiser on the day to confirm opening details or check out our Facebook page for up to date Track Conditions.

Track Organisers:

Contact Dave on

07836 734071