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DB KTM Enduro 2-Stroke Bikes

Check out the latest model range from KTM. If you need any more information, please email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. Our demonstration bikes are frequently updated with the latest models; contact us to find out which bikes we have available.

All Off-Road model prices include manufacturers delivery and PDI charges. EXC models are subject to additional charges for first registration and road tax. Street bike prices include manufacturers delivery, PDI, first registration, 12 month road tax and are covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty and roadside assistance. For more information, or terms & conditions, contact us


The 2023 KTM 300 EXC SIX DAYS wears its IDSE badges proudly. Not only has this machine won more extreme enduro championships than most, but it also takes the accolade as one of the most complete enduro weapons on the market. Featuring a fuel-injected 2-stroke engine, top-end WP suspension, and unique KTM SIX DAYS finishes, the KTM 300 EXC SIX DAYS is primed and ready to lift its next trophy. We are Norfolk's No1 KTM dealer with a full range of Power-parts, power-wear and spares in stock. For further details, call us on: 01603 722800.


Finance Available, UK Delivery

For more details, e-mail:

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